Thyrsostachys siamensis Gamble

    Synonyms:Thyrsostachys regia (Munro) Bennet

in Kanchanaburi, Thailand
[Distribution] Thailand, Myanmer [Local name] pai ruak in Thailand, tiyowa, kyaung-wa in Myanmer

It grows widely in Thailand and Myanmer, forming like pure bamboo forests, because of very popular species in the both countries.
Especially, it is very drought hardiness species, like growing less than 1,000mm/year in precipitation.
Culm is 2-7cm in diameter and 6-14m in height, forming very compact clump.
Culm is almost solid and very hard.
Culm sheath is persistent on culm, that looks like white sheath.
Leaves are small as 7-14cm long and 5-7mm width.
This bamboo is very important for utilization such as pulp material, construction materials, handicraft products and so on.
The growing feature is beautiful, so ornamentally planted in the gardens of southeastern Asia.