Name Masatoshi WATANABE, Dr. Agri.

  Nickname "Masa" called by close foreign friends
"Nabe-san" called by close Japanese friends

  Personal history In 1933, born at farmer's home in Toyama Prefecture
In 1955 Graduated from Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages
Since 1953, researched on Bamboo at Kyoto University
In 1993, retired from Kyoto University
International activities:
  From 1970-72 Colombo Plan Expert to Thailand
  In 1994, 1995 & 1997, JICA Expert to Indonesia
  In 1996, JICA Expert to Chile
  and made many international presentations on bamboo

  At present Join with several organizations on bamboo
Join with governmental organizations in-out of Japan
Sometimes, temporary lecturer at some universities

  Hobbies To speak on bamboo?
To write anything?
Playing Social Dance!
To make trip abroad!