Gigantocloa atter (Hassk.) Kurz

        Synonyms:Gigantochloa verticillata (Willd.) Munro sensu Backer

in Lampung, Sumatera, Indonesia
[Distribution] Indonesia
[Local name] bambu ater, pring legi in Java, Indonesia
       kayali in Philippines

Unknown habitat, but widely cultivated in Java, Indonesia.
Because, it is very important species in Indonesia.
Compact clumping bamboo, 5-10cm in diameter, often reaches to 25m high
40-50 in internode length and branches appear from lower part of culm like 2-3m high above the ground.
Culm is used for construction materials, fences, walls, furnitures, and others.
It can be used for musical instruments when difficult to obtain G. atroviolacea in the west Java.
Recently, it is planted as pulp material in Sumatora, Indonesia.