Gigantocloa apus (J.A. & J.H. Schultes) Kurz

     Synonyms:Gigantochloa kurzii Gamble

in West Java, Indonesia
[Distribution] Indonesia
[Local name] bambu tali, pring tali, pring apus in Indonesia

Despite the habitat is said to be Myanmer and southern Thailand, It becomes the typical species in Java, Indonesia at present.

Rough clump making by the culms of 4-13cm in diameter and 8-30m high.
Culm sheath is persistent on culm, so that it is easy to find this species, because of looking like white sheath.
In Java this bamboo is sidely used for construction, roof, bridge materials and making various baskets.
It is said the shoot is bitter, but delicious if cooked after sunk into mud for 3 or 4 days.