Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees

      Synonyms:Bambusa stricta Roxb.

in Botanic Gardens of Singapore
[Distribution] slightly dry areas in India, Bangladesh, Thailand.
[Local name] solid bamboo in English,
       buloh batu in Malysia, myinwa in Myanmer,
       phai-sang in Thailand, tam vong in Vietnam

Habitat is said to be India, Bangladesh, Myanmer and Thailand, and it grows in somewhat dry areas in those countries.
It makes compact clump and 3-8cm in diamete, 6-16m high in each.
Culm is little bit zigzag and branches spread some horizontally.
The most peculiarity is solid culm as no hollow part in culm.
Very important species for pulp materials in India and widely planted.
Study on tissue culture of this species has been proceeded in India and I could see one of plantations nursed by tissue culture in Banglore, India.