Dendrocalamus asper (Schultes f.) Backer ex Heyne

      Synonyms:Dendrocalamus flagellifer Munro, Gigantochloa aspera Kurz, D. merrillianus Elmer

in Bogor Botanic Garden, Indonesia
[Distribution] Whole in southeastern Asian countries.
[Local name] Giant bamboo in English, bambu betung
         in Indonesia, buloh beting in Malysia,
         phai-tong in Thailand

Unknown origin, but widely cultivated in Asia.
Diameter is 8-20cm and 20-30m high, because of very giant bamboo.
Internode length is 30-50cm and thick wall.
Culm is strong and uses for construction materials and bridges.
This is also planted for cultivating bamboo shoots.
For example, there are 60,000ha plantations in Thailand and produced 300,000tons of bamboo shoots per year. but it flowered before several years and nearly all dead at present.
Picture shows giant clump in Bogor Botanical Garden in Indonesia.