Chusquea culeou Desvaux

[Distribution]@South America
[Local name]@Coligue in Chile

Genus Chusquea is typical in central and south America.
It grows at the foots of Mt. Andes of Pacific Ocean side mostly in central and southern South American continent
Growth shows compact clump forming as sympodial rhizome system.
Culm is 2-4cm in diameter and 4-6m high and stands straightly.
Culm color is like yellow and covered with culm sheath.
Leaf is small like 4-10cm long and 4-7cm width.

in The 9th State, Chile
Culm is completely solid, because of no hollow part.
It is used for construction materials in Chile
Upper picture shows the culm investigation at the 9th State of Chile and the below is sections of one culm to show solid condition.