Bambusa vulgaris Schrader ex Wendland

          Synonyms:Bambusa thouarsii Kunth, B. surinamensis Rup., Leleba vulgaris Nakai

Plantation in Shin-miyako Hotel, Kyoto
[Distribution] Southern China, whole in southeastern Asia
[Local name] Daisan-chiku in Japan, bambu kuning in Indonesia
         phai-luang in Thailand, buloh minyak in Malaysia
         phai-bongkham in Vietnam

Very popular species as ornamental plantation in warm Asia, even not clear the habitat.
Clump forming and culm of 6-15m in height and 5-10cm in diameter with glossy green color.
Leaves are very large like 15-25cm long and about 5cm wide.

Culm is useful for construction materials, furniture, bamboo fence and so on.
In Japan it is ornamentally planted at warm districts only.