Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss

          Synonyms: Bambusa arundinacea (Ret.) Willd.

in India. Photo by Mr. A.Shibata
[Distribution] Southern China, whole in southeastern Asia
[Local name] spiny bamboo in English, bambu duri in Indonesia,
        Indian bamboo in Philipiens, phai-pa in Thailand,
        kya-kat-wa in Myanmer, tre gai rng inVietnam

Very popular bamboo in tropical Asia.
Clump forming, very large bamboo as reaching to 30m high and 15-18cm in diameter.
Branches at lower part elongate long with sharp spines.
Typical species in southeastern Asia, widely cultivating around farmer's yards and besdie rivers.
Thick wall with flexibility, good uses for construction materials, scaffolds, and handicrafts.
Bamboo shoot is edible and it is said that the white powder on culm is rarely used for shoe polishing?