@@Pleioblastus distichus Muroi et H.Okamura
@@Pleioblastus pygmaeus (Miquel) Nakai var. distichus (Mitform) Nakai

Kyoto Rakusai Bamboo Park
"Oroshima" means the name of island in Fukuoka prefecture.
It is said that the gardener Chotaro lived in Edo (Tokyo) had brought back this sepcies from Oroshima island in Chikuzen (Fukuoka prefecture) about in 1850.
But, no body could confirm its growth there after that.

This is smallest bamboo in Japan as 20-40cm in height and 1-2mm in diameter.
Leaves are 3-7cm in length and 3-8mm in wide, because of very small leaves.

By strong pruning, the height can be more making smaller just like spreading a bamboo carpet.
Thus, it is very good plantation for ground cover and decoration plantation for garden.