@@Phyllostachys pubescens var. heterocycla Le.
@@Phyllostachys heterocycla Matsumura

Kyoto Rakusai Bamboo Park
"Kikko" means "tortoise-shell".

Malformed bamboo from Phyllostachys pubescens which becomes nodes alternately close together. Because this is a mutation type.

This species is so-called "tortoise-shell bamboo", because the form of culm looks like a "tortoise-shell". But the culm at crown part because of branching part is normal form.
That is because the height is low as less than 10m.

This bamboo is highly prized as ornamental plantation in garden and park, as strange form.

Bamboo culm formed tortoise-shell is also important material for decoration and traditional bamboo handicrafts.
For example, this proccessed tortoise-shell culm is designated as Traditional Bamboo by Kyoto Prefecture.