@@Bambusa multiplex (Lour.) Raeushel var. elegans (Koidz.) Muroi
@@Bambusa glaucescens (Lour.) form. elegans Muroi et Sugimoto

Kyoto Rakusai Bamboo Park

"Ho-o-" means the name of imaginary auspicious bird based upon buddhism.
It is said that the name came from the leaves of this bamboo, because of attaching small leaves in parallel and being able to image the bird.

One mutation type of B. multiplex, but smaller than it as 2-3m in height and less than 1 cm in diameter.
But, it is really beautiful bamboo like botanical name as "elegans".

Form very dense clump as usually forming small clump, and possible to adopt hard pruning then make it various forms easily.

Generally, to be planted in parks, gardens and hedges ornamentally.