@@Phyllostachys pubescens Maz.ex Le.
@@Phyllostachys heterocycala var. pubescens Muroi

Kyoto Rakusai Bamboo Park
"Moso" means the name of person who was in China.
It means that this species was introduced from China before some hundreds years ago.
And "chiku" means "bamboo".

Biggest bamboo in Japan and one of most useful three species. Diameter 25cm, height 25m.

Whole covered with white powder and white powder belt just under node on younger culm.
Contrast by white powder with light green culm is splendid.
Bamboo shoot is the king of Japanese bamboo, which is sold at vegetable store in spring.
Bamboo culm is very useful for construction materials and others, traditional processing bamboo materials produced in Kyoto like artificial square bamboo, sesame seed bamboo and others are very famous in particular.

At present, this species is becoming focussed as the new construction materials instead of wood and bamboo charcor too.
It is important for plant for garden as landscape.